Англійська мова в Україні


Полное согласие

Согласие. Agreeing
Absolutely! Полностью согласен!
Exactly! Точно!/ Именно так!/ Вот именно!
I couldn’t agree more. Совершенно с вами согласен.
You’re telling me! (неформально) И не говорите!/ Это точно!


A. All people should have equal rights.
B. Absolutely!

A. He shouldn’t behave like that.
B. Exactly!

A. Parents are responsible for their children.
B. I couldn’t agree more.

A. The buses are always late, aren’t they.
B. You are telling me! I’ve been standing here for half an hour.


Согласие. Agreeing
Yes (Yeah). Да.
I know. Я знаю (согласен).
I agree. Согласен/ Я тоже так считаю.
Right./ That’s right./ You’re right. Вы правы.


A. I think we should hire a new sales manager.
B. Yes. That’s a really good idea.

A. That meeting was really boring.
B. I know. I thought it would never end.

A. People spend so much time watching TV.
B. I agree.

A. I think we’re wasting our time here.
B. You’re right. Let’s go home.

Неполное согласие

Согласие. Agreeing
I suppose so. Да, (но)…
I guess so. (American) Наверное.


A. You should tell her truth.
B. I suppose so, but it’s not easy.

A. It will be a wonderful trip!
B. I guess so.